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Исполнитель Elton John

Популярные песни "Elton John"

Название Альбом Жанр
1 I promise you that no no
2 This Train Dont Stop There Anymore no no
3 I Believe in Love no no
4 Circle Of Life (из мультфильма & Король Лев & ) no no
5 Imagine no no
6 Crocodile Rock no no
7 Whisper no no
8 Lies no no
9 Dark Diamond no no
10 My Baby Loves Lovin' no no
11 The Heart Of Every Girl no no
12 The Bridge no no
13 House no no
14 Goodbye, England & s Rose no no
15 Blue Eyes no no
16 Are you ready for love no no
17 The One no no
18 Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Lion King) no no
19 I Guess Thats Why They Call It The Blues no no
20 Benny and the Jets no no
21 Cold no no
22 Skyline Pigeon no no
23 & Little Jeanie & - 21 at 33 (1980) no no
24 Made In England no no
25 Heart in the Right Place no no
26 Sad Songs (Say So Much) no no
27 Written In The Stars With Leann Rimes no no
28 Long Way From Happiness no no
29 Song For Guy no no
30 Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest World (Elton John With Blue) no no
31 Give Me The Love no no
32 I believe no no
33 I Just Can't Wait To Be King (The Lion King) no no
34 Candle In The Wind Элтона Джона «Candle in the wind» была посвящена Монро no no
35 Candle in the wind-Diana-Princess of Walles 1961-1997 no no
36 Just Like Noah's Ark no no
37 Sixty Years On no no
38 Friends Never Say Goodbye (ost Дорога на Эльдорадо) no no
39 Freaks In Love no no
40 Better Off Dead no no
41 Belfast no no
42 Wrap Her Up no no
43 I Never Knew Her Name no no
44 - I Cry At Night no no
45 The Drover's Ballad no no
46 Some day out of the blue no no
47 Cry To Heaven no no
48 I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That no no
49 My Heart Dances no no
50 So Sad The Renegade no no
51 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road no no
52 Blessed [д к о, 10] no no
53 Street Kids (GTA IV) no no
54 Can You Feel the Love Tonight Can you feel the love tonight (саундтрэк к мультфильму "Король ле no no
55 Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Lion King OST) no no
56 The Trail We Blaze ("The Road To El Dorado" OST) no no
57 Latitude no no
58 Easy As Life (demo) no no
59 Bennie And The Jets no no
60 The Trail We Blaze no no
61 Porch Swing In Tupelo no no
62 This Train Don & t Stop There Anymore no no
63 First Episode at Hienton no no
64 I Don't Care no no
65 Circle Of Life (The Lion King) no no
66 Princess no no
67 Part Time Love no no
68 United We Stand no no
69 Old '67 no no
70 Someday Out Of The Blue (Theme From El Dorado) no no
71 This Land no no
72 Electricity no no
73 Religion no no
74 Breaking Hearts (ain't What It Used To Be) no no
75 Please (1995) no no
76 Love Her Like Me no no
77 Recover Your Soul no no
78 Another Pyramid no no
79 American Triangle no no
80 Someone Saved My Life Tonight no no
81 Make Me as You Are no no
82 Club At The End Of The Street no no
83 04 - Sixty Years On no no
84 Love Builds a Garden [гномео и джульетта 3D] no no
85 The King must die no no
86 Don't Trust That Woman (1985 г.) no no
87 "Elderberry Wine" - Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player (1973) no no
88 Amneris & Letter no no
89 Can You Feel The Love Tonight End Title no no
90 Friends no no
91 Benny And The Jets (Песня, которую ненавидит Майкл Эмерсон) no no
92 Answer in the Sky no no
93 The Panic In Me no no
94 Duets for one no no
95 The Emperor's New Clothes no no
96 (The Lion King) Can You Feel The Love Tonight no no
97 "Hercules" - Honky Chateau (1972) no no
98 Sad Situation no no
99 I belive in Love (Hikita Glaz mix) no no
100 "Levon" - Madman Across the Water (1971) no no
101 Believe in love no no
102 05 - Part-Time Love no no
103 Kiss The Bride no no
104 Written In The Stars no no
105 When A Woman Doesn't Want You no no
106 Birds no no
107 05 - Skyline Pigeon no no
108 Goodbye, Englands Rose no no
109 The Bitch Is Back no no
110 The Circle of Life (From "The Lion King") no no
111 02 - Your Song + Empty Garden no no
112 Bennie And The Jets (ost 27 свадеб) no no
113 I Must Have Lost It On The Wind no no
114 Indian Sunset no no
115 A Little Peace no no
116 The Greatest Discovery (Solo) no no
117 "Take Me To The Pilot" - Elton John (1970) no no
118 Blues Never Fade Away no no
119 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Maybe you & ll get a replacement There & s plenty like me to be found Mon no no
120 Medley Yell HelpWednesday NightUgly no no
121 Never say good bye no no
122 A World In Spanish no no
123 Sweet Painted Lady no no
124 Rocket Man no no
125 Step into Christmas no no
126 Someday Out Of The Blue ( no no
127 Shoot Down The Moon no no
128 Dixie Lily (1974) no no
129 Your Song (Safin's Cover) no no
130 "The Ballad of Danny Bailey (1909-1934)" - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973) no no
131 Honky Cat no no
132 Val-Hala (1969) no no
133 Weight of the World no no
134 "Healing Hands" - Sleeping With The Past (1989) no no
135 Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me no no
136 Burning Buildings no no
137 Sorry Seems To Be The Gardest no no
138 The Wasteland no no
139 Love's Got A Lot To Answer For no no
140 Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest World (Ft. Blue) no no
141 "Come Down In Time" - Tumbleweed Connection (1971) no no
142 Timothy (demo) no no
143 No Valentines no no
144 Western Ford Gateway no no
145 Written In the Stars (demo) no no
146 Like Father Like Son (demo) no no
147 If the River Can Bend no no
148 Bad Side Of The Moon no no
149 Pinball Wizard (Live At Wembley, 21.06.75) no no
150 Blessed (танец молодых) no no
151 Beleive no no
152 "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" - Blue Moves (1976) no no
153 Someday Out Of The Blue (Eldorado OST) no no
154 "I've Seen That Movie Too" - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973) no no
155 09 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road no no
156 Goodbye Marlon Brando no no
157 Good Bye Yellow Brick Road no no
158 Empty Garden no no
159 Your Song (With Alessandro Saf no no
160 Someday Out Of The Blue (из мультфильма "Дорога на Эльдорадо") no no
161 Hakuna Matata (The Lion King soundtrack) no no
162 I Just Can't Wait To Be King (The Lion King soundtrack) no no
163 "Candle In The Wind" - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973) no no
164 To Kill Your Kind no no
165 Ballad Of The Boy In The Red Shoes no no
166 Too Low For Zero no no
167 Someone's Final Song no no
168 Easier To Walk Away no no
169 Turn The Lights Out When You Leave no no
170 Not me no no
171 Nobody Wins no no
172 The End Will Come no no
173 It's Getting Dark In Here no no
174 I Can't Keep This from You no no
175 Nothing Here no no
176 My Elusive Drug no no
177 Harmony no no
178 God Never Came Here no no
179 If There's A God In Heaven (What's He Wating For ) no no
180 Elton's Song no no
181 Durban Deep no no
182 All Across The Havens no no
183 Never Gonna Fall In Love Again no no
184 Gypsy Heart no no
185 Wake Up Wendy no no
186 Take me to the Pilot no no
187 Lady Samantha no no
188 Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest World no no
189 High Flying Bird no no
190 "I Think I'm Going To Kill Myself" - Honky Chateau (1972) no no
192 I Can & t Steer My Heart Clear Of You no no
193 Live Like Horses (Live)-Elton John & Luciano Pavarotti no no
194 One Day At A Time no no
195 Your Song (with Alessandro Safina) no no
196 The Lion King: Can You Feel The Love Tonight no no
197 Hoop of Fire no no
198 The Bridge.And every one of us has to face that day Do you cross the bridge or do you fade away And no no
199 It's Me That You Need no no
200 One Horse Town no no
201 I believe in love no no
202 Rope Around A Fool no no
203 I Stop And I Breathe no no
204 Healing Hands (1989 - Sleeping with the Past) no no
205 Memory Of Love ( 1986 - Leather Jackets) no no
206 Original Sin Эта песня ассоциируется у меня с Новогодними праздниками и ожиданием чудес) no no
207 Circle Of Life (1993/94) no no
208 16Th Century Man no no
209 A Word in Spanish (c переводом) no no
210 Island Girl no no
211 Elton John no no
212 Lies no no
213 Can you feel the love tonight (OST Король Лев)русск.текст no no
214 What I gonna do to make you love me no no
215 My Fathers Gun (OST Элизабеттаун) no no
216 The Fox - "Лиса" no no
217 Cold Highway no no
218 Curtains no no
219 Salvation no no
220 Sartorial Eloquence no no
221 Can You Feel The Love Tonight (моя самая любимая песня из "Короля льва") no no
222 Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (OST "Любовь живёт три года") no no
223 Sweat It Out no no
224 Nikita (1985) no no
225 The Panic In Me (Ost Дорога на Эльдорадо) no no
226 Cold As Christmas (In The Middle Of The Year) no no
227 Crystal no no
228 14. Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Remix) (OST The Lion King) no no
229 Levon no no
230 All The Girls Love Alice no no
231 Victim Of Love (1979) no no
232 Roy Rogers no no
233 Someday Out Of The Blue (из мультфильма Дорога на Эльдорадо) no no
234 "Nikita" [Extended Version] (Nikita, 1985) no no
235 Gone to Shiloh no no
236 Believe in love (саундтрек с Animal Planet) no no
237 Tinderbox no no
238 Man (1995 - Made In England) no no
239 Sixty Years On (1970) no no
240 Love Song no no
241 The North no no
242 I'm still standing(Red piano) no no
243 Mansfield no no
244 Pinball Wizard no no
245 Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding no no
246 Daniel (1973) no no
247 "Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy" - Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (1975) no no
248 My Fathers Gun no no
249 Cold (1995) no no
250 I Feel Like A Bullet (In The Gun Of Robert Ford) no no
251 Tower of Babel no no
252 The Captain and the Kid no no
253 Dirty Little Girl no no
254 January no no
255 Empty Garden [Live ELTON 60 MSG, 25/03/2007] no no
256 Amoreena no no
257 The Fox no no
258 Candle In The Wind (Свеча на ветру) no no
259 Shine On Through no no
260 Love Builds a Garden no no
261 The Big Picture no no
262 Jamaica Jerk-Off no no
263 The Scaffold (1969 - Empty Sky) no no
264 Empty Sky no no
265 Queen of Cities no no
266 "SACRIFICE" no no
267 The road to El dorado no no
268 Look Ma, No Hands no no
269 Please no no
270 Wisper no no
271 Too Many Tears no no
272 The Letter (Bonus Track) no no
273 Your Song( влючайте на всю!!) no no
274 Runaway Train (1992) no no
275 "Bennie And The Jets" - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973) no no
276 Yellow River no no
277 I Need You to Turn To no no
278 aliluya no no
279 Candle in the Wind (Goodbye Norma Jean) no no
280 Like Father Like Son no no
281 Blessed (Rumba) no no
282 Bitter Fingers no no
283 Duets for One (1993) no no
284 The Measure Of A Man. no no
285 Madman Across The Water (1971) no no
286 Friends never say goodbye (minus -1 version) (rec by Verechagin 2010) no no
287 I Am Your Robot (1982) no no
288 Give Me The Love (1980) no no
289 All That Im Allowed no no
290 All Quiet on the Western Front no no
291 The Heart Of Every Girl (OST "Mona Lisa smile") no no
292 Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow no no
293 Steal Away Child no no
294 Two Rooms At The End Of The World no no
295 Your Song (№137 в списке 500 величайших песен всех времён) no no
296 Where To Now St. Peter no no
297 Маленькая Танцовщица Малышка в голубых джинсах, леди из Лос-Анджелеса, швея для группы. Прекрасные г no no
298 El Dorado ( Дорога в Эльдорадо / The road to EL Dorado) no no
299 Can You Fell (Король лев) no no
300 Some Other World no no
301 Believe (саундтрек с Animal Planet) no no
302 Can You Feel ... no no
303 Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word - Blue Moves (1976) no no
304 Blue Avenue no no
305 what have got i do(что мне сделать,чтобы ты любила меня) no no
306 American Triangle no no
307 Too Low for Zero (Я ноль без палочки, У меня черная полоса в жизни, В последнее время выпадает тольк no no
308 Grey Seal no no
309 рок-н-ролл no no
310 Blues For My Baby And Me no no
311 Hakuna Matata (Музыка — Элтона Джона, слова — Тима Райса.) no no
312 Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters no no
313 never say goodbay no no
314 Where To Now St. Peter no no
315 Tonight (Live In Australia) no no
316 Weight Of The World (2004) no no
317 (Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket no no
318 This Song Has No Title no no
319 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Breaking The Waves Soundtrack) no no
320 Talking Old Soldiers no no
321 Simple Life (1992/93) no no
322 indian sunset no no
323 Believe no no
324 Blessed (самый правильный перевод) no no
325 Goodbye no no
326 Pain (1994/95) no no
327 You Gotta Love Someone no no
328 Candle In The Wind no no
329 Passengers no no
330 Hakuna Matata no no
331 Sweetheart on Parade (Demo, 1980) no no
332 The Last Song no no
333 Where To Now St. Peter? no no
334 Someday Out Of The Blue no no
335 Original sin no no
336 Keep It A Mystery(моя новая фаворитка) no no
337 AIDA no no
338 Sacrifice no no
339 Sorry seems to be the hardest word no no
340 Dear John no no
341 Сan you feel my love tonight no no
342 Tonight no no
343 Just Like Strange Rain no no
344 Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest no no
345 Something About The Way You Look Tonight no no
346 Blessed no no
347 Candle In The Wind no no
348 Tiny Dancer no no
349 And The House Fell Down no no
350 Answer In The Sky no no
351 This Town no no
352 In Neon no no
353 Heels Of The Wind no no
354 Just Like Belgium no no
355 Breaking Down Barriers no no
356 Chasing The Crown no no
357 Ego no no
358 Dan Dare (Pilot Of The Future) no no
359 Philadelphia Freedom no no
360 Ticking no no
361 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road no no
362 Have Mercy On The Criminal no no
363 Teacher I Need You no no
364 Daniel no no
365 Believe ( в исполнении Е.Михайлова ) no no
366 Easy As Life no no
367 Understanding Women no no
368 Can You Feel no no
369 BLESSED no no
370 Hello Hello no no
371 Sacrifice no no
372 A Word in Spanish no no
373 Emily no no
374 Wicked Dreams no no
375 One More Arrow no no
376 You Can Make History no no
377 Wicked Dreams (1997) no no
378 Made For Me (1990) no no
379 El Dorado (OST мф "Дорога на Эльдорадо") no no
380 Return to Paradise (1978) no no
381 The Panic In Me (OST Road To Eldorado) no no
382 Cooker Song (1997) no no
383 Dear God (1980 - 21 at 33) no no