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Текст песни Electric Six - Hello! I See You ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

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Текст и перевод песни

Listening, learning
And feel the world turning
And tasting all the smells
As our flesh is burning

I wish I could see it from a dizzying height
I wish I could see you seeing me tonight
And it's a new kind of love
When you get touched by his glove
And you get blinded by the flash photo picture of
Picture of, your new master

And your heart starts to beat a little faster
America wakes up to a brand new morning
As he appears in the night' skies
Without warning

And it's a new day's dawn
And the thrill is never gone
And there's a fire sign burning like hell on my lawn
And now it's getting exciting
The interest has peaked
He's gonna take us down to play a little hide and seek
Here it goes

Hello! I see you
Hello, there!
Hello! I see you
Hello, there!

It's the end of times and of the conversation
And everybody clinging to their soul salvation
I find all their pleas for mercy so annoying
Hello, destructor! I'm yours for the destroying

Now he's an evil trend setter
He's a heavy heavy petter
When you lose one of your senses
All the others get better
It's the natural selection
The synthetic oral section
He lives to astound
Take it down
Take it down
Here it goes

Hello! I see you
Hello, there!
Hello! I see you
Hello, there!

Magic eyes and hocus-pocus
And now our blur is clearer than our focus
And now we're getting our just desserts
Because the music hurts
But the music hurts

Hello! I see you
Hello, there!
Hello! I see you (Hello! I want you to know)
Hello, there! (I'm gonna to join the cast of your one man show)
Hello! I see you (Cause time, it urgently marches on)
Hello, there! (Everything's going to be totally cool from now on)

Hello, Hello Hello, Hello
Hello, Hello Hello, Hello
Hello, Hello Hello, Hello
Hello, Hello Hello, Hello
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