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Текст песни Chris De Burgh - Talk To Me ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

Текст и перевод песни

Talk to me, I need a little advice,
I've got you on my mind,
Words of passion coming out of the night,
You make me feel alive;

I'm not one in a million, I'm a million in one,
Thinking of ways to your heart,
I've got a feeling that it will be your hand,
Taking me higher and higher,

Talk to me! Talk to me...
Talk to me! Talk to me...

Look at me 'cos I've been looking at you,
I see desire in the night again,
Fascination and mysterious touch,
I know you feel the same;

This is one in a million, it's a million to one,
But I will be your lover in time,
Go with the feeling that is breaking inside,
You will discover it when you,

Talk to me! Talk to me...
Talk to me! Talk to me...

I am the one, yes I know I am the one,
I am the one for you now,
I want you beside me,
I dream of your body,
I see you and me there forever...

Talk to me! Talk to me...
Talk to me! Talk to me...
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229 - Просмотров(a) текста(слов, lyrics, перевода, минусовки) Chris De Burgh - Talk To Me
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