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Текст песни Your Demise - Allow ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

Текст и перевод песни

Who's laughing now?
I've tried too many times to pick this up from the ground
But always found a problem
Always lost my fucking sound
But i won't ever fail in what i love best
I've put my hopes and dreams and my anger to the test
I've failed many times before
Never seen what I've done wrong
And how it led me off course
Let the dicks and the bullshitters in and never sent them out
They've always fucked this up for me and always let me down
I thought that some were real but they lied through their teeth
Don't understand how i'd work so hard and they wouldn't lose any sleep

This is my life, this is my sound
It's what i wake up for every fucking day
Who's laughing now?
Who's laughing now?
I got what i want
And i've thrown you out
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