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Текст песни Christina Aguilera - Fuss ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

Текст и перевод песни

You know who you are
This is for you

I thought I knew who you were
I see now you were a lesson to learn
All I am to you now is a bridge that's been burned
Now I was the first to believe
I made you part of my musical dream
And your thanks to me came without an apology

We wrote Loving Me 4 Me, Don't Walk Away,
Can't Hold Us Down - all part of our history
Don't forget Infatuation,
I'm a Fighter, feeling Underappreciated

Yeah, this song is for you
To remind you I moved on
Sang my songs
I've got no regrets

Hope it all was worth it
Looks like I didn't need you
Still got the album out
Если вы нали ошибку в тексте, вы можете ее исправить

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