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Текст песни Fat Joe & Terror Squad - Lean Back ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

Текст и перевод песни

[Intro - Fat Joe]
Yeah! My niggaz! Uh-huh!
Throw 'ya hands in 'da air right now, man!
Feel 'dis shit right here!

Scott Storch nigga!
Yeah Khalid, I see you, nigga!
Show Big-Pun love! Uh!
Yeah! Uh! Yo!

[Verse 1 - Fat Joe]
I don't give a fuck about'cha faults, or mishappenin's, nigga.
We from 'Da Bronx, New York... Shit happens.
Kids clappin', luv'ta spark 'da place.
Half 'da niggaz in 'da squad got a scar on'dey face.

It's a cold world, and 'dis is ice.
Half a mill' for 'da charm, nigga, 'dis is life.
Got 'da Phantom in front of 'da buildin', Trinity Ave.
Ten years been legit, 'dey still figure me bad.

As a youngin', I was too much to cope wit'.
Why you think, mo'fuckers nick-named me "Cook Coke" shit.
Should'a been called Don Robbery,
Extortion, or maybe Grand Larceny.

I did it all, I put 'da pieces to 'da puzzle.
Just as long, I knew me and my peoplez was gonna' bubble.
Came out 'da gate on some Flow-Joe shit.
Fat nigga with 'da shotty was "The Logo Kid".

Said my niggaz don't dance,
We just pull up our pants and,
Do 'da Roc-away.
Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.

I said my niggaz don't dance,
We just pull up our pants and,
Do 'da Roc-away.
Now lean back, lean back, lean back, lean back.
(Come on!)

[Verse 2 - Remy]
R to the E'zzie',
M to the whiz-zY,
My arms stay breezy,
The Don stays fizz-zY,

Got a date at 8, I’m in the 740'fizz-ive,
And I just bought a bike, so I can ride till' I die,
Wit' a matchin' jacket,
Bout' to cop me a mansion,

My niggas in 'da club, but you know 'dey not dancin'.
We gANGSTA, and gangstas don't dance- we boogie,
So nevermind how we got in here,
Wit' burners 'n hoodies.

Listen, we don't pay admission,
And 'da bouncers don't check us,
And we walk around 'da metal detectors.

And there really ain't a need for a VIP section,
In 'da middle of 'da dance floor,
Reckless; Check it!

Said He Like my necklace, started relaxin' now,
Dat's what 'da fuck I call a chain reaction.

See, money ain't a thang nigga,
We still 'da same niggaz,
Flows just changed,
Now we 'bout'ta change 'da game, nigga.

[Repeat Chorus - 1X]

[Verse 3 - Fat Joe]
Now we livin' betta' now,
Gucci sweata' now.
And 'dat G4 could fly through,
Any weatha' now.

See, niggaz get tight,
When you wurf' some millions.
'Dis is why I sport 'dis chincilla;
'Ta hurt 'dey feelin's.

You can find Joe Crack at all type 'a shit,
Out at Vegas, front row 'ta all 'da fights n' shit,
If 5-0 boy come, then they'd prod'lly squeel.
'Cause half 'deez rappers did blow like Derek, fo'real.

If you cross 'da line, damn right I'm gonna hurt'chu.
These faggot niggaz even made gang-signs commercial.
Even Lil' Bow Wow throwin' it up,
B2K crip-walkin', like dat's wass' up.

Kay keep tellin' me 'ta speak about 'Da Rucker,
Matter 'fact, I don't wanna' speak about 'Da Rucker,
Not even Pee-Wee Kirkland could imagine 'dis,
My niggaz didn't haff'ta play'ta win the championship.

[Repeat Chorus - 1X]

[Outro - Fat Joe]
Ha! Yeah! (Can 'ya hear me?!)
Bronx, BX Borough, Terror Squad, Uh... (Ha!)
Big-Punk forever, Tone Montana forever... (Can you hear me?!)

Uh! Yeah! Streetz is ours, come on!
Nah man, it ain't never gonna stop...
Serge! Raoul! J.B.,
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