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Текст песни Billy Connolly - Evil Scotsman ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

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Текст и перевод песни

If your looking for trouble,
Your in the right place,
Don't look at me like that, or i'll headbutt your face
i'm a mean motherfucker,
i was born that way,
and just because i wear a skirt don't think i'm fuckin' gay.

Cause i'm an evil scotsman,
and Jimmy is my name,
i'm a sheep shagger from Aberdeen,
and causing pain is my game.

Now if your a woman,
married or not,
al take all your kit off and i'll dive in your mot,
i'll take your legs and spread them wide,
and then i'll put a wet suit on and sh@g you from the side,

Cause i'm an evil scotsman,
and Jock is my name,
and the girls are all gaggin' for a portion of my penins cock,

Yes i'm an evil Scotsman
and my name is Jock

i've got one hand in my pocket
and i'm playing with my penins cock

i don't care where you come from,
if your big or your small,
i've fought the best,
and i beat them all.
If your english or irish,
you wont have to die,
but if you are a German you can kiss your arse goodbye.

i'm an evil scotsman,
and Jock is my name,
if you don't like the rules don't play the fuckin' game,
yes, i'm an evil Scotsman
my name is Jock!
and the girls are just dying for a portion of my penins cock.

OH Yeah,
knob ends.
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