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Текст песни j dilla - no one knows ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

Текст и перевод песни

Oh, it's the boy with the heat torching the beat
'course it is me, but unfortunately
(No one knows)
But you can hit me on the box
I'm busy on the block
Getting fifty on the crop, biatch
(No one knows)
Getting ready to bounce with Nitty on them Gold Ups Glow
Wipe to a houseflow to outcall what's told
(No one knows)
We gon' have some fun, but no fun's dope
I don't save 'em, I'm sorry, I don't love hoes
(No one knows)
But I blow big blunt smoke
Keep one close and oh, you don't want those
(No one knows)
So catch shit aside, so don't nut hoes
Don't like surprises, don't run show
(No one knows)
Spit it high, hit the titty to the topless
Get the party over with Namo runs low
(No one knows)
Hit the trees out, hit it, cause we's out
She's 'bout to get it, cause no one's home
(No one knows)

Well, what
At least that's what she told me
Least 'bout the extra club,..
It's made me sit back and, realize that..
Big Nas is the shit
Uh, Oh, Oh!

Ain't no stopping us, behold what she talk
Ain't no popping 'em, cause
(No one knows)
But we out in the streets (What?)
All day and night, all blazin' high, walk straight aside
(No one knows)
VIP baby, these days DI
Green screens baby, let me seek ID
(No one knows)
I'm like pass the mo' case so no case
Out for cash, so no paper no J
(No one knows)
No way, like old J I'm hitting the gas
With the old J, hittin' the stash
(No one knows)
Just for the hater, pissed cause the Midness
Took rolls thick with a fist full o' paper
(No one knows)
Hit a twist up or swisha the blaze up
Get a wift, get a lift up in J's truck
(No one knows)
I said it before, pop up and get it poppin'
Quit the knocking, there's no one home
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749 - Просмотров(a) текста(слов, lyrics, перевода, минусовки) j dilla - no one knows
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