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Текст песни Screen Team - Do the creeper ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

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Текст и перевод песни

When you're playin' Minecraft and you're in the mine shaft
Do The Creeper (ssssss) Do the Creeper (sssss)
When a player finds a node and you wanna explode
Do the Creeper (sssss) Do the Creeper (sssss)

Well, we got a new dance for when you're diggin' deeper
It's real easy to do, and it's called The Creeper
You run to and fro, like you're ready to blow
Then you jump up and down. Get me out of this hole! (how they jump, stuck in the holes)

Now, ya think you're so cool 'cuz you got a mine cart
But, then i come along, and i blow it apart
Hey, you thought it was tough, you had to deal with griefers
But from behind the trees appeared a bunch of us Creepers

When you see a pick axe and you want to be an ass
Do the Creeper (ssss) Do the Creeper (ssss)
When it's getting dark fast, but you're watching Yogscast.
Do the Creeper (ssss) Do the Creeper (sssss)

I was Sixteen levels down, hanging out with slime
When i came around a corner, thought i saw Herobrine
At night you have to be aware of skeletons and zombies
But us Creepers are the worst, because we're kamakazies!

Yeah, i knew i was a Creeper from the time i was spawned
I had four legs and my arms was gone
3,2,1, I explode up on ya
And you lose all your stuff, in the f**kin' lava

Creeper, creeper, creeper, creeper, creeper, creeper, creeper!

When i was a girl, dreamed of a Creeper spouse
Just when you finish it, i'm blowing up your house
I want to kill Honeydew, and then i'll get Xeph-os
Now i'm coming Afteryou, so don't you even Get-close
And I would laugh. (sss-sss-sss-sss-sss-ss)
And you would die! (aah-aah-aah-aaah-aah-aah-aah-aaaaah!) (or some sound)
So drop-drop-drop your bows
and your little arrows
Hey, why do you run? I only wanted a hug! (sssssss)

Listen to the Jukebox while you blow up some blocks
Do the Creeper (ssss) Do the Creeper (ssss)

When things are lookin' dire 'cause your place is on fire
Do the Creeper (ssss) Do the Creeper (ssss)

When you're struck by lightning and you feel like fighting
Do the Creeper (ssss) Do the Creeper (ssss)

So jump up and down, then blow up this whole town!

And do the Creeper (ssss) Do the Creeper (ssss)

"That's a nice... everything you have there".
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