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Текст песни Black Attack - Bang-bang ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

Текст и перевод песни

Verse 1

Keep it on the down low,
Nobody else had to know,
How we had our freak shows
Sipping on froze
Margaritas we kept it hot like heaters
Sneakers, I guess you could call us creepers
We both had beepers, secret codes
Tap them in, see what's happening
Hit me back about 10, I meet you down in the west end,
This girl was foxy
Had ill na na
Loved it when she called me pa pa Ha Ha
But she was married to the mob man, chances were slim
She sleeping with my, he thought she was faithful to him
She fell deep deeper deeper in love,
It was supposed to be a secret, she slipped up and told her cuz
Now me and big dude standing face to face
He got back up for days, crew all over the place,
But betrayal out ways it all, a quick phone call,
Even in front of my eyes, I couldn't believe what I saw

Verse 2

He was rollin, strollin,
had entire business that he was controlling
Illegal though, he thought nothing could stop his cash flow
Connect with the Po Po, cruised a 4X4
Cherokee, dropped, deep dished, chromed out,
Twelve's, twitters, amp,
His sh*t was loud,
Diamonds and pearls
Trips around the world,
He had stocks and bonds saved up for his little baby girls
He was flying high, but wanted to fly higher
Had a million dollars worth a crack looking for the next buyer
He found them, and they found him too
Good deal turned sour, what's he supposed to do,
Early in the morning, they got him out on the bridge,
He only thought about the money, never about them little kids
Running the streets, trying to get bigger,
Now he's staring down the barrel of the nine
Pull the trigger.

Verse 3

Fed up with the slums, school had you stressed
You gave it your best, you still flunked every test
Next decision, you had to make with precision
If you slip up on this one you get cut like an incision
But the choice was yours, ARMY,
Momma cried as you said your last good byes
You told us that you wanted to be all you can be
WAR, that sh*t is history,
Until you found yourself in the heat of the battle fighting
Gas, guns, grenades, bombs igniting,
Back at home mom and dad, whole family waited
Check the news every evening to catch the latest
Hoping and praying we would see you again,
Worried as hell asking forgiveness for your sins,
Then the day came, we got the letter in the mail
What's war good for? It's hard to tell.
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2097 - Просмотров(a) текста(слов, lyrics, перевода, минусовки) Black Attack - Bang-bang
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