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Текст песни Neutral - Sheath And Knife ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

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Текст и перевод песни

And the sun goes over the woods
There was a sister and her brother
Who loved one another
Sister, we'll gang tae the broom
O sister I would lay thee doon
Brother, alas, would you do so
To my death I would sooner go
And the folk they talk together
That the lass is with bairn to her brother
O brother you have done me ill
And we will both burn on yonder hill
You go to my father's stable
And take twa horses stout and able
She's up on the white horse, he's on the black
With his yew tree bow slung fast to his back
They had not rode a mile but one
When her pains they did come on
I would give all my father's land
For a good midwife at my command
You go to yon hill so high
And take your bow, arrows and good eye
When you hear my loud, loud cry
Bend your bow and let me die
When he heard her loud, loud cry
He bent his bow and let her die
When he came to her side
The babe was born and the lady died
Then he took his young, young son
And borne him to a milk woman
He's given himself a wound for sure
He won't gang tae the broom no more
0 mother I have lost my knife
I loved it better than my life
But I have lost a better thing
The bonnie sheath my knife was in
And the sun goes over the woods
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