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Текст песни Deuce - Dreams ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

Текст и перевод песни

[ VERSE 1: Baby Beesh ]
I'm comin throooough like a drifter
Suckers swim, let the funk uplift ya
Another plot from the playa's point of view
Fo' deep, been through a joint or two
And young ????? wanna jock and rag
But heffas don't trip if you get the nag
I hook it up for the late night holiday
I got the killer crossover plus they can't stop the trey
It's all major when the pager starts to chirp
I got hoes or maybe I got dirt
A product of the city, slick in the oven
Lovin to hear the funk when the head starts pervin
Drinkin that stuff that'll kill ya
I got so much love for my familia
And real potnas on the slippedy slide
Forget about your troubles and take the ride


[ VERSE 2: Rube ]
If you ask me, it's time for Young Rube to kick it
I got the cup full of hard brown liquid
So sick with this, don't forget the melody
Now I know how I feel to be a celebrity
I snap my fingers when I want some punani
You think I'm bluffin ?????
I ain't gotta lie to kick it or lounge
I'm in a circle of funk and never out of bounds
And then my potnas say what to do now
Cognac to the head, boo-yaw
I heard the competition flowin local
That's when Young Rube said he'd go vocal
Behind a funked out, bumped out earthquake
All songs stuck on strong upon the first take
So come inside on a ride, pony, giddy-up
Break em off a chunk that'll funk the whole city up


[ VERSE 3: Chezski ]
I'm thinkin if I should stop and do it all again
I'm in and out of traffic with an evil grin
Ridin with the funk ain't but an old trend
And I push up on the gas and let the tail spin
And maintain with the whole Bay
I give it to em rough and try to fly straight
I'm sideways I just smell the tires burn
Funk ride heated when the spokes turn
Let it coast as the rump shakes
Short stop, they caught me with my running mates
I gotta watch for the lead shot
Sucker fools tryin to stop us goin top notch
And let Potna Deuce ride
To the funk and the feelin of the Bay's vibe
We bring it out from the trunk quick
Tryin keep from hittin bottom in a slick pit
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588 - Просмотров(a) текста(слов, lyrics, перевода, минусовки) Deuce - Dreams
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