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Текст песни Joel Piper - Safety Net ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

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Текст и перевод песни

You say you're feeling fine
It's obvious that it's a lie
I see a world of pain behind your eyes
But no one ever sees you cry

You don't have to carry that weight
You don't have to

We're all weak and we're all strong
We're all right and we're all wrong
So if you're standing at the edge
About to dive into the wreckage
It's not too late to turn around
Call me up
I'll talk you down
No matter how bad it gets
I will be your safety net

Woah oh oh, Woah oh oh
Woah oh oh, Woah oh oh

I'll be your therapy
Come lay your body next to me
Ill take your hand until the view is clear
And I will whisper hope into your ear



Woah oh oh, Woah oh oh
Woah oh oh, Woah oh oh

When there's no one you can trust
And all your colors turn to grey
Turn your troubles into dust
And let them blow away

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