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Текст песни J Dilla - E=mc2 (Feat. Common) ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

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Текст и перевод песни

Dilla Dog:
Let's go, turn it up
Introducing, World Famous Beat Junkie, J-Rocc
Yeah, uh
I got my mans with me

get up get up
and rock and rock
The hump the hump
it's not it's not
to out the atmosphere
this rap here's something that I felt in the moment...
of truth
opponents in the booth
inspired 'cause when I write it's fire like ?
they say that I'm as hot as the block is
I say that I'm as cold as the dark is
noction in the cut
trying to get my nigga in the gut.
he won't die, hold his dome up
hold in his chest like kobe's nut?
Smokin' the ces he blow it up until it escapes out the window
I'm a symbol of sex revolution and tec's
on the deck where niggas shoot for extra loot and respect
live and direct effect from the CO
Double gets you paper but stay up put of trouble
nigga get up

Get up, stand up, throw your fuckin' hands up
if you got the feelin' jump up touch the ceiling
get get, get up, get up

Get up niggas get live ladies
Since the early 80's I rock the planet daily
radio Rasheed this is how I do when I write things
with party for your right to fight scenes
baby girl you as young as the night seems in tight jeans
shoulda been Kahlua or ice cream
my pipe dream's as long as the fight scenes in the matrix
Scorpio rising sex fiend by nature
tryin' to control that shit so my soul don't get
dirty from some girly unworthy of the flowers
I admit that I got strange powers
rainshowers like the Eiffel
Lead it through life cycle
hold the Bible and a rifle they can't do me like Mike though
give me the spotlight and turn the lights low
make me wanna holla like Coolie High with ? disciple
Streets streets beats beats rhymes rhymes and life Jo
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