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Текст песни Nana - God ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

Текст и перевод песни

Psalm 23, The Lord Our Shepherd:
The Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need, He lets me wrest in fields of
Green grass and leeds my to quite pools of fresh water – He gives me new strenght
He guides me in the right oath as he has promised – Even ig I go thru the deepest
darkness I will not be afraid – Lord, for you are with me – The shepherds ride
and stare protect me – You prepeared backwards for me so all my enemies can
see me – You welcome me as an honoured guest and feel my comfortable grim
I know that you goodness will be with me all my life – And your house will be
my home as long as I live – Amen

G.O.D. You´re the one I need
G.O.D. Come and rescue me

I stopped working for a second and thought about my life – Nowhere to either run
or to hide – G.O.D. the inventor creator – You changed my life into a dream and
I can testify – So much pain so much sorrow – There´s a life after death like today
and tomorrow – I feel stupid don´t know what to say – I thank you G.O.D. in more
than a thousand ways – Let´s pray our father in heaven – each and everyday me
praise receive your blessings – We ask for peace and no more war – Uprise my Lord
and cure the sick, lonely, the humble, the poor – Peace out to those daily waiting for my
fall – Your goodness – and love will be with me all my life – Your house will be my home lord help me to survive

G.O.D. You´re the one I nead
G.O.D. Come and rescue me

You provided me with strength I was lost humble and week – Realize where I stand lord I
can´t speak – Now shot like a rocket in the business with full speed – Yesterday I had to
suffer defeat – Protect me from my foes how high can I reach – You work in mysterious ways that´s why you are unique – Your goodness your love I´ll obtain all my life - Your house will
be my home lord help me to survive

G.O.D. You´re the one I nead
G.O.D. Come and rescue me

Yeah, that´s life, I remember the lonely days, nobody there but the loard, believe in God
And he´ll always show you the way - that´s what I can say – he opens doors and believe me
One day sunshine will come your way – And in the name of Nana Abrokwa – Peace – God

Ho, ho, hoooo, yeah….
G.O.D. You´re the one I nead (Oh, dear God!)
G.O.D. (Oh, G.O.D.!) Come and rescue me (You´re the one I need)
G.O.D. (G.O.D.) Come and rescue me (My heavenly father)
G.O.D. (G.O.D.) Come and rescue me (You´re the one I need)
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1786 - Просмотров(a) текста(слов, lyrics, перевода, минусовки) Nana - God
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