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Текст песни Justin Timberlake - Pose (Feat. Snoop Dogg) ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

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Текст и перевод песни

S-N-double O-P-D-O double Gizzle 'n J Tizzle [repeat]

I saw you last night
(freak, freak)
In the powder room
Talking to your girlfriends, your girlfriends
Who were lookin' in the mirror
(freak, freak)
Lookin so fine, Maybeline applying
maybe later you'll give me your time


Let me take your picture [x3]
Come on baby
Won't you pose for my camera
Lookin' like a model, l
ookin' like a superstar
You're out of sight

I saw you last night
(hey girl)
In the dicso dancing with your girlfiends, your girlfriends
Y'all were dancing
to my shit (LILY riff) like this
Shakin' hips, maybe I could capture you on camera and take a flick


[Chorus 2]
So pose pose pose
Only for my photos
Expose, expose
Those things you want to show

Just pose pose pose
Only for my photos
Expose, expose
Those things you want to show

Hey yo Jt, let me holler at baby real quick,
I got this new camera I want to try this out on her one time, dig this

Head, shoulders, feet and toes,
Work that body go'on and pose
Please the crowd, easy now
Go ahead baby girl cheese and smile
She said Mr. Mr., would it be cool
if I took a picture (picture)
To hang it on the wall with the rest of the best
I had her back in an hour or less
He say she say we say play,
doggy dog take it easy
it's time to expose
I'll break off the rolls
Now take off your clothes
Get real close up under the light
And do that thing
Sho your right
Now close the doors
Now you can really give it to me go on strike a pose

I saw you last night,
(hey girl)
at the cafe
but you wasn't with your girlfriends, your girlfriends
So I stepped up to ya
(hey girl)
I pursued ya cause I couldn't stand to wait
let's date
That'd be great

Wait! Stop and picture, baby stop and picture, baby stop and picture
Me with you girl, you know I can handle ya
Treat you like a queen, treat you like a superstar
You're outta sight

[Chorus 2]
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