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Текст песни j dilla - pause ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

Текст и перевод песни

Uggh, bounce

F, for fly gun holder money folder
Motorola startac when it's time to call back
R, for the ruff rugged and raw way
This nigga Jay it's a game but he don't play

A, for all the chicks that got did
In the penthouse suite on top of my mom's crib
N, it's nonsense you'll never get in
It's nonsense that you would think that you would ever get in

K, for the kutie crushin' that we do
We keep 'em too, we got two for you
N, I knew that you would do it again
Nasty ain't brand new shit with a blend

D, to all my Detroit Play Ballas
And I cant forget the phat bootie ballaholiks
A, for awesome amounts of dope
One ounce of grass and a phat ass to fo'sho

N, 'cause we know to cause neck injuries
Misplaced your vertabre about 7 degrees
K, for the kick ass rhymes that I wrote
Karate choppin' everybody in the place in the throat

Pause, when you bump this in your whip
Pause, 'cause you might bust your shit
Pause, 'cause you know it's Frank 'n' Dank
Pause, take ah sip of your drank

Pause, everybody there's money to make
Pause, we be the first ones out the gate
Pause, 'cause you know we're rockin'
Pause, 'cause Dank is about to spit

Grab the rhythm who got your city on lock?
I'ma give you the key, follow my path y'all
Take a ride with Dee
I'mma spit these bars most causally

Check me out yo
I'm from the 313 chillin' with the shotty
You catch 2 in your body, it get sicker than that
I contract on your head it get slick like that

What's the deal with that?
You ain't real with that
And if you try to pull a gat you get blast like that
I'mma break it on down for the reason I spray

Uh yo, what's the reason to get money son?
What's the reason for gettin' blowed son?
What's the reason for gettin' hoes Dunn?
I'ma through bread so I'm do what I do

Doin' it too, brotha I'mma do it with you
I'ma grab these things and get to bustin' at dudes
Yo, it's kinda rule to be mistrusting these fools
Look at their eyes they lusting to be bustin' their tools
I don't lose leave snake nigga abused

Timeout for these niggas who ain't bringin' the real
I'ma flip a few guns let 'em see the steal
Ready to cock plus yo they ready to rip
The whole crew gets down they ain't ready for this

Pause, when you bump this in your ride
You can ride get all the fly ladies inside
Pause, I say you doin' it y'all
Pause, come on if you doin' it y'all
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514 - Просмотров(a) текста(слов, lyrics, перевода, минусовки) j dilla - pause
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