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Текст песни Muddasheep - Farewell ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

Текст и перевод песни

You slip, and you cry
And you smile, and you fly
While you grow you will see
You're a part of the sea

And you crawl, and you walk
And you speak in your dreams
And you learn, and you still
Ignore your prisoned will

And you love, and you hate,
And you flee from your fate,
And you roar, and you think
The world is meant to sink

And you serve, and you lick,
And you smile to bad games,
And you run far away,
And in hell you will stay

And you float, and you shout
And you rape, and you scream
And you kick, and you stomp
And you tormentally kill

You fall, and you leave
And you dig your own grave
And you know suddenly
Your whole life was a fake

That was all he had to tell.
He knew it sounds like hell,
but I still had my soul to sell.
He laughed and bid farewell.

I see where this is coming to
We better hurry
Before this is becoming true

Don't be sad, fear no more
You just left your tight core
Take a breath, touch your skin
Does it hurt? Miss your chin?

Over there, take a look
Small surprise, for your eyes
Look at it, cope with it
Feed the seeds, fill their needs

And a candle will be lit
And a speech they will spit
And your life was the best
Be forgiven like the rest

Count the days, count the hours
Count the worms in your throat
Count your sins, count your crimes
Shouldn't you've killed many times?

In the end you know it better
When alive, time does still matter
Now go outside and spend it well
Use your gun and bid farewell

I see where this is coming to
We better hurry
Before this is becoming true
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341 - Просмотров(a) текста(слов, lyrics, перевода, минусовки) Muddasheep - Farewell
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