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Текст песни Rockie Fresh - The Future ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

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Текст и перевод песни

I’ve got dreams of rollin’ ‘round the city
Screamin’ out “money ain’t a thing”
But you know I gotta get it with my niggas
It’s better when your circles stay the same
And they wonder how I’m feelin’ right now
They ask me how I’m feelin’ right now
Said I’m feelin’ like a billion right now
I’m feelin’ like a billion right now

[Verse 1]
Welcome to Electric Highway – I’m doin’ things my way
My life is an example of exactly how the grind pay
Ice blue diamonds like bottles of that Bombay
I came a long way to Rosé from that André
Been out this world and I ain’t never need Galaxy Foams
Niggas be Twitter-hatin’ on me no Galaxy phones
But them niggas need loans – I’m paid and livin’ good
Come and spend a day in these Jordan’s, homie, I wish you could
Drive a DeLorean, feelings of being born again
The same you, it’s just now, you got some more to spend
More to give, improving the way your people live
And the way your bitches shop, you work it, tell it “never stop”


[Verse 2]
It’s gettin’ late but we still ridin’
It’s gettin’ dark but I’m still shinin’
I came far but got so far to go
While I’m travellin’ down this long and this winding road
Told these hoes like Usher told ‘em: “you don’t have to call”
Aye homie, if you really want it, you can get it all
But any time that a nigga get anything
These hoes’ll try to milk you, watch out for them Dairy Queens
I used to rock that ice cream when I hit the scene
Now it’s white mountain nearin’, other rappers I ain’t hearin’
I’d rather listen to Taylor Swift than most of you niggas
And my lady prefer that I never smoke with you niggas
Fuck y’all…


Goin’ to the future
We goin’ to the future
Just ride with me
Don’t be afraid to ride with me
Ridin’ on Electric Highway
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