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Текст песни Heavy-Current - Thunder-bird ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

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Текст и перевод песни

me as a thunderbird can watch what i do wrong
maybe i can change my mind if i see my mistakes
maybe i can break the gate to my cage in me
break all the cages of humanity – thunderbird fly

the warming of cold oceans let built there big flood waves
burning oil spitting out of the planet earth
traffic poison in the air – everyone strong breath
cages of humanity are a selfmade nightmare

the waves – the air – oxygen fills up my lungs
the stones – the trees – colours of live
ray of light pick up my wings
ray of light pick up my wings

i want to be a thunderbird
to see the sun every time
the gates of cages has broken
my wings pick up the warm light
my wings beats so fast – so hard against the wind
a fight to loose me not hurts
i?m so free – i don?t know limits
but the freedom here lets me hurt inside (i never wanna land again)
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