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Текст песни Justin Timberlake - Dress On ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

Текст и перевод песни

"Dress On"

[Verse 1]
There’s something about your body
I’m not in a rush
But girl I’m ready to marry you
Yeah right here in the restaurant
And start on our honeymoon
While you still got your dress on
While you still got your dress on

[Pre Hook]
Now I ain’t trying to offend nobody
But girl don’t they see you
It’s cool if they don’t
Cus hey I only see me and you
That’s why I’m all over you
While you still got your dress on
While you still got your dress on

I can’t wait
Cus girl as soon as I look at your face
I see a world where our heart never breaks
To me that means that the whole world could change but not mine
I can’t wait

[Verse 2]
The way I know your body
I don’t really need much
Girl I know where to touch
Stay where you are
Drop all your worries
And you can leave all the rest on
We can do it
While you still have your dress on

[Pre Hook]


[Verse 3: Timbaland]
Let me take you
So walk with me
Through the beautiful sand as we take pictures
Hips so wide looks like it’s got whiskers
Let put a solid gold on that solid figure
Go ahead show your pretty dentures
Your pretty physique
Your pretty toes
I’m pretty with you
I do a good job for that pretty picture
You the prettiest but I’m the only thing that’s missing

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