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Текст песни Kanye West - You Ain't Never Gotta Ask (Feat. Lil Wayne, T.I., Jay-Z) ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

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Текст и перевод песни

(Lil wayne)
target practice baby,
only thing is,
im not the shooter,
Im da bullet biatch!

They say your attitude determines your latitude
Im high as a motherfucker, fly as motherfucker
And still the motherfucker u love to hate,
But cant, because u love what I make
And Aint that about a bitch
cause ima talk shit, until im outta hits
they dont wanna turn they speaker up thay claim I aint deep enough
all that talking I feed off of, keep it up
im relaxin, my feet is up
im leavin u haters like when shaq left the lakers juss to heat it up
I save the stacks to stunt, I dnt needa front
Make black history earyday , I dnt needa muff
The survey says by the streets of cordon
Kanye juss important, as micheal Jordan
Was to the NBA when he was scorin
Ralph Lauren was borin, before I wore him, and

U aint never gottz to ask again,
How we got the world to listen
It aint easy to pretend, I know u lost your cool
When the spot comes alive again
We cant stop , its just the beginning
U aint never gottz to ask again
Baby this is what we do

(Lil wayne)
Ok lemme put my gloves on. Yea
Watchu want, and if you strapped we can trade like the Dow Jones.
Wet him up, I hope he got his towel on,
I aim at your moon, and get my howl on.
Some niggaz cry wolf, I'm on that dry Cush,
And when it comes to that paper I stack books.
You heard what I said,
I can put you on your feet or put some money on your head.
Life ain't cheap,
You're better off dead.
If you can't pay the fee,
Shout out my nigga fee.
See every mother fucker at the door don't get a key,
You outside lookin in, so tell me what you see.
It's about money it's bigger than me
I told my homies don't kill him bring the nigga to me, yea.
Don't miss, you fuckin with the hit man,
Kidnap a nigga make him feel like a kid again.


Now, e'rybody wanna be the king of the South
When, they ain't runnin a damn thing but they mouth
No doubt, it's all good, y'all just statin y'all opinion
But in the South and in the hood it's understood without sayin
It's a given, and ain't because of what I'm doin for a livin
It's, mo' because of what I do and how I'm livin
Not to mention when I'm rappin I'm just hurtin niggaz feelings
(Niggaz feelings) And still chillin on somethin that's into healing
Made provisions for the clique to continue keepin it pimpin
Whether crack was in the house or record sales was through the ceiling
So say what you want, and do what you please
But for fun, I shoot 22's from your shoes to your knees
I run a record label and a crew of G's
So, niggaz'll come and look for you if ya sneeze
or even breathe the wrong way, you better do what the song say
And be easy, or else it'll be a long day


(Jay z)
They say a 9.9, we both lose our sight, nd 2 wrongs dnt make a right
But when u been wrong, nd u know all along, that its juss one life
At what point does one fight, (good question right)
For u not to fall, try to put ya dogs in it, 10 'n a half, or a minute in a half
Bet that stops all the grinin and the laughs, when u play the game of life,
Nd the winnin in the bag , when ur eye drizzes to none,
Then dependence all u have, where the block nigga standin tight
as lemons on the ab, try to cop a shot paul they so cliscent in the cab
but cant put they name on paper cuz then u on blast
Mr. president is drunk in our resident, tell me wat u want me to do
Come break bread wit us , Mr. governor I swear theres a cover up
Mr. governor I swear theres a cover up
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