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Текст песни Diary of Dreams - Blind in Darkness (Tremere) ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

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Текст и перевод песни

I will plaster all you mortals with my dominating guts
I will torment revelations - I did never ask for much
I will taste the detonation while the geminis go wild
I'll absorb the human sigh, eradicate your dormant lie

Does it suck your breasts for milk, golden honey, dressed in silk
Does it feel your patient care in your dreadful glassy stare
or does it feel your true emotions in its scars and bruises burn
Do you really think your lies will tear open cloudy skies?

Feel my fingers in your wound while my eyes ascend the gloom
Questions wasting all my time - I see your eyes detesting mine
Sick of a life you never had, in dead motion, you look so sad
I could care less if I'd like - I let you go into the night

Is my ignorance my fate, or is my love distorted hate
Is deliverance my mate or am I sleeping while awake
Is this place that we call home adorned by devastating foam
Am I mortal, am I god - Am I brighter than you thought?

I will never beg for mercy - I will never kiss your feet
I will never ask forgiveness and all of that I want to keep!
I will guide the blind in darkness though I cannot see myself
I will whisper in a deaf ear while I know you cannot speak

And I hear rumours about angels…
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