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Текст песни Diary Of Dreams - Mind Over Matter ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

Текст и перевод песни

A torch in your darkness will guide you the way
while dozens of others pretend to be free

Obscure limitations put the boundaries at stake
I know there is more than we can see

This is my aggravation
A simple cause
I come here to flee from you
I come here to free my guilt

This is my alibi
My secret inferno
And this is the world I hide
My place to recover

I'd carry this burden on your behalf
Corrupted integrity
Inexistent identity

So hard to believe
what I had to witness
what I'm supposed to forget
to forgive and forget

This is my alibi - Underneath your ruins I'm buried
My secret inferno - My endless source of despair
And this is the world I hide - A shelter I cannot share
My place to recover - So i can return to your world with a cynical smile

I swear it is true
Invisible scars prove me right
I'd be your abettor
Please take me with you.
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