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Текст песни Keane - Love Is the End ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

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Текст и перевод песни

Now is the time of our comfort and plenty
These are the days we've been working for
Nothing can touch us and nothing can harm us
No, nothing goes wrong anymore

Singing a song with your feet on the dashboard
The cigarette streaming into the night
These are the things that I want to remember
I want to remember you by

It won't come again
Cos love is the end
Oh no, my friend
Love is the end

I took off my clothes and I ran to the ocean
Looking for somewhere to start anew
And when I was drowning in that lonely water
All I could think of was you

Woah, my friend
Love is the end
So lets not pretend
Cos love is the end

Take it back, don't let it die
Or raise again the fallen night
Cos I still do, depend on you
So don't say those words, you wrung me through

Woah, oh oh
Love is the end
So lets not pretend
Cos love is the end

So I tread the only road
The only road I know
Nowhere to go, but home
Nowhere to go
Maybe our time is up
But still you can't look back
But all the principles of love
Don't save us
Don't save us
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