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Текст песни King Diamond - 09 - Black Horsemen - 1987 Abigail ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

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Текст и перевод песни

King Diamond - Black Horsemen

So, there they stood at the top of the stairs....
Miriam in the mood . . . Jonathan was scared.
Gazing into the dark, Jonathan saw this glow....
For a second, he turned his back,
And she was there like a ghost.
She pushed him hard and clean
. . . to the bottom of the stairs.
"Now we're finally alone, Miriam.
Abigail is here to stay!"
The birth of Abigail would soon be realized.
The second coming of a devil in disguise.
And the moon did not shine....
It was darker than ever before.
On this sacred night
The soul of Miriam was crying out in pain.
Remembering the day . . . Arrival in the rain . . .
The pain of labour was so strong that Miriam died.
Her final seeing was a pair of yellow eyes.
You can still hear her screaming
If you're walking the stairs in July....
Riding from beyond,
The seven Horsemen would arrive before the dawn.
Servants of the Count when Abigail was born the first time.
Oh, no!
They found her in the sarcophagus.
Baby Abigail was eating . . . oh, I cannot tell you . . . .
"Take her . . . and bring her
To the chapel in the forest.
So go now . . . The ceremony!
And the coffin's waiting...."
The Black Horsemen
That's the end of another lullaby....
Time has come for me to say goodnight....
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