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Текст песни Kim Hyun Joong - Wish It`s Not The End ( перевод, lyrics , слова)

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Текст и перевод песни

Wish It’s Not The Finish Credit: Camille @ lovekimhyunjoong.com Its not the finish, its not the finish ! I nonetheless see you again ! Its not the finish, its not the finish ! I see you again with out fail ! As long as I live, may I see you once again ? will you accept it ? Why do you make me feel so poor ? In a playground, close to where you live Aimlessly, I dangle alone… And the dawn comes On the way back My head filling with melody I write a song for you and so again, a day passes … The moment I met you For the initial time under the same sky I couldn’t forget it. Turning over in my mind the glory of this day I live for person You, do you realize that ? Did you realize it whenever you left ? Why? Giving me a lasting affection that I cant break away from you. I didnt win something, lose something. But this reality makes me crazy Not to be able to stay close to to you You’re deeper than the sea. You, be happy, That’s all I want As long as I breathe ! God, at the time he takes you When he sees you, so stunning He ought to be afraid even though like everyone else, He ought to have wanted to possess you Simply because you’re so unique. Withstanding your smile is so challenging Your limpid gaze nonetheless looks at me, tickles me I know I cant see you again But you come and discover me each night You take me, in your memory, and kiss me! I wish to sleep, forever ! Who knows? You’ll be there with me I’ll sleep as soon as I finish This last song for you.
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